Welcome to Reese's Plants!

Welcome to Reese's Plants.

We are entering our 25th year in the plant business. Our nursery location is in Blythewood, S.C., where we retail and wholesale our plant material. We also have an office in Safety Harbor, FL, which is in the Tampa Bay area. Having an office in central Florida allows us to search for new plant material from which there is an abundance to choose, since the state has more than 8000 plant nurseries. Most of our plants do come from Florida, but we also purchase plants from South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina growers. Tagging and purchasing the best of what's available ensures that we ship in World-Class Plants from the Finest Growers in the Southeastern States.

You will find that we carry a wide variety of annuals, perennials, herbs, spices, indoor and outdoor tropicals, shrubs, trees and palms, as well as pottery, bird baths and fountains. We purchase plant material ranging in size from a 4" pot to a 200-gallon container by the tractor-trailer load and ship them to our Blythewood location on a regular basis. By purchasing in large volumes, we are able to offer you top-quality plants at very reasonable prices. We also offer florist wrap on indoor and flowering potted plants, container planting, fresh long-needle pine straw (locally supplied), potting soil, soil conditioners, fertilizers, plant care advice and landscape design. Our plants are second to none. We have the healthiest plants that you will find. Whether you are a walk-in customer that needs one plant, a weekend gardener, a florist, a interior plantscaper, a plant nursery or a landscaper that needs plants by the truckload, we are the nursery for you and please, Don't Get Caught With Your Plants Down!


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